SAC Challenge 2015 – Week 3 – Writing for Advertising


  • features a child
  • vibe needs to be light, playful, child-like, purely fun (not emotional or nostalgic)
  • 60 seconds with the potential for 30 second or 15 second cut-downs


  • To achieve the child-like vibe – write in first-person from child’s perspective
  • Looked for opportunities to inject humour (helps to keep things light)
  • Listen to the suggested songs
  • I don’t know what the commercial is about. I’ll picture a young boy playing with his best friend.
  • Keep it simple musically – probably 3 tracks of acoustic guitar
  • Title: What we’re gonna do today

What we’re gonna do today:


What we’ll do today

Today we’ll dig a hole. We’ll make it nice and deep
We’ll climb in with our toys and all our favourite things to eat

We’re going to build ramp
That goes half way to the sky
If we can ride our bikes real fast we might just make them fly

Then we’ll go down to the river, build a raft and sail away
That’s what we’re going to do today

That’s what we’re going to do today

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