SAC Challenge – Week 2

Here is my submission for week 2.

Inspiration for the song:

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I visited our daughter at her university residence. Mostly first year students are in residence (17 and 18 years old), so they fit at the upper end of the target market. As I was leaving, the movie Frozen was blasting (BLASTING!) from one of the rooms. When we got down to the parking lot, the song “For the first time in forever” was playing. The only thing louder than the movie was the sound of girls singing, laughing and squealing. Although I couldn’t see them, I just know that they were standing on furniture with their arms fully extended as they belted out the chorus.

It was over-the-top adorable and really helped me to stay focused on the task.

Unfortunately, I can’t sing it and I didn’t finish in time to find a singer. I have included a version with the melody played on guitar so it is pretty easy to follow the words as you listen.

Please enjoy and “Celebrate another day of life”…/celebrate-another-day-of-life

Here are the words:

I don’t think there’s ever been a day that felt so right
Words could never tell the way I feel
It’s gonna be a amazing when I meet my friends tonight
We’ll get a little crazy – no big deal

We’ll dance until morning
We’ll laugh all night long
We won’t care who hears us when we sing our favourite song

We’ll feel like this forever
Would that be so wrong?
We’re just having fun and we’re not causing any harm

We’ve got love in our hearts
For everyone we see
That’s the way were are and that’s the way we want to be

We’re not complicated
And all we want tonight
Is to celebrate another day of life

Yes, we we’ve seen the problems and the danger in this world
We get a little scared from time to time
So we’ll watch out for each other as we find our way through life
You know I’ve got your back and you’ve got mine

Repeat chorus

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